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Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren is a great book to read when you love secretive romance-themed stories. This erotic adventure will take you to new heights and Christina Lauren perfected the craft. There is no reason that you’ll not love Beautiful Secret ebook by Christina Lauren.

The story went when a top ace engineer, Ruby Miller is sent by her boo to an extended business trip to New York. Along with the trip is her long-have-been crush – Niall Stella. Niall who has been recently divorced took notice on Ruby and the erotic adventure unfolds. No one in New York knows about their little adventure not one but how about if the business trip is over? Is the romantic-erotic duet end as well? Find it out.

I am cutting your excitement out for a moment to let you somehow take a deep breath. Relax, you will be getting the full ebook here in our website. Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren can be downloaded totally free though our separate and dedicated download page.

Readers’ Review on Beautiful Secret

“It’s yours, you know.”“What is?”“My heart, of course, but also my body. My hands, my lips, my c**k. I trust you with all of it more than I even trust myself.”My mind is still reeling because this book was my complete and utter undoing. I am writing this review while literally still hugging my now beloved paperback copy, secretly hoping that the beautiful words in it would somehow escape and infuse themselves into me forever. With one of the most phenomenal writing styles of our generation and flawless, iron-clad character development, this talented writing duo has given us once again an unforgettable, emotionally engaging storyline to become addicted to, this time with two incredibly intricate characters and a perfectly paced, meticulously crafted relationship that is never rushed, never even hurried, and solely driven forward by the characters’ emotional growth and self-awareness. I gobbled up every word, immersing myself into a story that had my attention from the get-go, and I fear I will never be able to fully express how much I truly adored this book.“I’d been wrestling with my Niall Stella crush for six months, and I was pretty sure he still didn’t know that I was an employee at the firm rather than a regular takeout delivery girl.”

– Natasha

Fans of their writing will find all the things they typically love in Beautiful Secret. Hilarious inner dialogue, tangible sexual tension, and a heartbreaking level of emotion and sweetness in the growth of the relationship between Niall and Ruby. The journey to actually hitting the sheets took longer than I expected (I mean, hello, Beautiful Bastard anyone? Somewhere in chapter 1 or 2, right?), but in no way did it detract from their story. Anything else wouldn’t have been authentic for Niall’s character. FYI- Telling me he’s a Mr Darcy? Yes, just yes. Thank you, for that mental image. I adored that he was hesitant and unsure and openly admitted that he didn’t know what the frick he was doing. Ruby may not have been my favorite heroine (that is still a tie between Chloe and Hannah) but together, I loved them.I have a couple spoilery things, that I’ll keep to the end of the review, but I will admit two things that *almost* knocked this down to four stars for me. 1- Ruby’s internal conflict came very late in the book, and didn’t make a ton of sense to me since it did kinda come out of left field. And 2- (people are going to think I’m insane for this) I could NOT STAND the font that Niall’s POV was written in. Seriously, it was difficult to read. I felt nuts for thinking, because it’s just a font, right? But honestly, the first half of the book, I didn’t even look forward to his chapters because it hurt my eyes. No need for a different font, editor. Labeling the chapter is just fine, we’re smart people.

– Dawn82

Beautiful Secret is the delightfully entertaining story of Niall Stella, Max’s brother across the pond, and Ruby Miller, a London transplant originally from San Diego. Both characters were briefly introduced in previous Christina Lauren books, but if I thought I had them pegged, I was starkly mistaken. Niall, hugely successful in his field, and Ruby, an engineering student and intern on the rise, find themselves shipped off to New York together for a month long business trip. Initially the dynamic between Niall and Ruby felt vaguely reminiscent of that of Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills in Beautiful Bastard. Niall is an extremely successful businessman in the area of urban planning, and Ruby is a young intern who’s had a relentless crush on him for months. Her crush evolving in the board room of their office, her fumbling nervousness whenever he’s present, their blooming attraction taking flight despite his position of power in the work place. all similarities that made Beautiful Secret seem as though it was following in Beautiful Bastard’s footprints. But it isn’t so. These characters, their journey together, where they’ve been and where they’re going, deviates so far from that path, it’s unrecognizable. The writing team of Christina Lauren continues to surprise me with an unpredictable, sexy, surprising story line that’s like nothing they’ve written before.

– Jessica Soleto

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