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Artemis by Andy Weir is another book to read for all SciFi fans out there! Read Artemis book online and you surely will enjoy this great book. Author of The Martian, this is another book that one should not miss reading. Although is there a lot of contradicting reviews of this Andy Weir book, Artemis still deserves a spot in your must-reads’ rack. So what is this Andy Weir Artemis Book all about? Let’s start giving you a heads up of what you are about to read.

Jasmin Bashara have since been living in the only moon colony – the Artemis. Life is really hard at the city and the only way to get a comfortable life is to rich – not filthy eccentric billion dollar richer but just enough to have a piece of comfort. To work as a porter, that is just close to impossible to reach that dream. Apart from that, Jazz got some debts to pay.

One day, an opportunity to change her fate came and has to engineer and pull of an elaborate heist. It should require her adequate technical and scientific skills – she’s not special but she has to do it. Little does she know that her quest to hit the big score puts her in to the conspiracy for control of Artemis itself. He little adventure for the heist has turned a second priority as she is now forced to pull of an impossible scheme not only to score but to survive – and to save her only home, her city.

It’s a great book by Andy Weir and Artemis deserves the awards given as the best read for 2017 in the category of fiction. Well a lot may be even wanting to read Artemis online but it seems the only way to do that legitimately is to buy Artemis on Amazon or other services. But before you do that, I highly suggest you read some Artemis review by our friends at Amazon and GoodReads. We have collated both bad and good Artemis book reviews. So please check out what other readers are saying about this Andy Weir Book.

Artemis Book Reviews

1 1/2 stars. I really wish I could say I liked this. A couple of years back, I gave in to the hype and read Weir’s The Martian, and I have to say– I loved it. The scary scenario of being stranded so far away from everything and everyone you know, the very high probability that Mark Watney wouldn’t survive, his chirpy sense of humour that keeps him going… unfortunately,Artemis’s plot is convoluted and less exciting. And Jazz Bashara is SO ANNOYING.

– Emily May

This book does have a few puzzle pieces missing. There are some choices that Jazz makes that will obviously be very bad ones. There are a few things that will happen that readers will see coming. Having said that – the book is a fun ride from beginning to end, even *with* those puzzle pieces missing. Jazz as a character was interesting, particularly as it would be difficult to create a character more opposite from the one in Weir’s first book. The science sprinkled throughout was a little harder for me to understand than in the first book, but for those who appreciated it then – you will appreciate it here as well.

Overall, if readers go into this book just looking for a good read, then this might fit the bill. Again – it’s not The Martian, but it has strengths and weaknesses all its own.

– Biblioholic Beth

No, seriously. The book does have science in it but it’s not too bad. This is mostly about Jazz who has lived on the moon since she was 6 and now she’s in her 20’s. Her dad lives on the moon too but they had a falling out and she makes it on her own by doing. . . things.

I love the character of Jazz. She’s funny and does crazy things but never anything to hurt any one.


– Melissa

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