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The American Wife ebook by Taya Kyle and Jim DeFelice is a memoir of the life and legend of the real American War hero – Chris Kyle. After the untimely death of Chris Kyle, Taya reveals the most private and agonizing moments of the 10 years of Chris’ war sacrifice. Inspired by Chris dedication of helping out others who serve others, Taya is now helping the families of veterans and first response parties.

After the American Sniper book has been released together with Jim DeFelice, Jim once again writes with Taya for this memoir. Taya has renewed meaning on how to cope up and push her husband’s mission to help. Being a single parent of her two young children. The family now faces new challenges in their lives without the care and love of the American Hero – Chris Kyle, her husband.

American Wife ebook written both by Taya Kyle and Jim DeFelice can be downloaded totally free from our website. Just click on the green download button and it should bring you to the download page of the American Wife ebook. This particular download package contains four separate books of different formats. The popular formats included in this American Wife download consists of pdf, epub, lit, and mobi.

Readers’ Review on American Wife eBook

Ok – I went into this book expecting to confirm my belief that Taya was a fame whore, looking to capitalize on her husband’s death. I’m a huge Chris Kyle fan, read all of his books, and I once dated a SEAL, so I felt that her constant media presence was at odds with her husband’s original desire to leave the proceeds of American sniper to his fallen brothers. But I was pleasantly shocked at how much I not only liked this book, but more importantly liked and sympathized with Taya. She takes responsibility for her faults, including her addiction to smoking, her anger with Chris over his deployments. Her heartbreaking realization that Chris may have been unfaithful gutted me, as so many Team wives are the victims of infidelity. Yet she showed forgiveness, and my heart constantly broke for her. I now feel horrible for buying into the media’s portrayal of her. Taya is strong, spirited, and real. This is a must read, and has completely change my perception of her.

-Chica Lit Reader

I gave this five stars simply for Ms Kyle’s candidness, and for capturing what it was like to be married to American hero SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. I was captivated from beginning to end. She gets very personal in this memoir, revealing quite a bit about herself. She is a brave person to open herself up to vulnerability describing her range of emotions surrounding her marriage to Chris, his murder, the aftermath, and how she struggles to cope….even still. If you’re looking for an award-winning piece of literature, this is not necessarily it; however, it is well written and executed. It is an honest look at the life of a truly broken-hearted widow: How she dealt with the loss and how she forges ahead.

– K. Walker

Even though she has a long way to go still in the grieving process, Taya Kyle’s journey is a very inspirational one with hope even in an uncertain future. It’s almost impossible to believe that anyone could go on after such a sudden unimaginable loss but this book demonstrates that you can with help from God, family, and friends.

– Pam

How To Download American Wife eBook by Taya Kyle

Yes it is now possible! You can get a free copy of Taya Kyle and Jim DeFelice’s Memoir of the true American Hero. The American Wife can be downloaded totally free and in four different popular formats. Just hit the green download button and answer a short verification survey. The survey will not take you more than a minute to comply. Once the survey is completed, the download will automatically start. So go ahead and download the American Wife eBook now!

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