American Assassin PDF Download by Vince Flynn

American Assassin PDF Book Download

The new book American Assassin PDF by Vince Flynn can now be download for free! This is the latest book of the Mitch Rapp Series. If you are a spy thriller book fan, then this book is a must read for you. The writing style of Vince Flynn can be compared as like “fast and furious”. Fast-paced and action filled, the American Assassin book is a sure not-to-put-down until you are done reading it. I’m pretty sure that the new Vince Flynn movie brought you here and want to read the book right? Well then you’ll get what you are exactly looking for.

American Assassin by Vince Flynn is about a young and exceptionally smart and athletic college guy Mitch Rapp. The CIA wanted to get him in to do some mission. Months later, we was assigned in Istanbul and quickly dispatches his target. But, it also led him to see something else – to know the deeper truth behind his mission. Personally, I don’t want to spoil the story and mind you it’s better this way. You might have read some of Vince Flynn books, then you should not miss reading this one too!

Apart from that, the Vince Flynn New Book which is the American Assassin pdf can be downloaded all for free in this website. But before you can do that, I’d like to share to you some of the reviews on Vince Flynn’s American Assassin book download. Check the reviews of the American Assassin pdf download from the verified purchasers and readers of Amazon.

Readers’ Review on American Assassin PDF Download by Vince Flynn

Bought this book after seeing the trailer for the new Mitch Rapp film and the wildly positive comments that followed about how good this series is.

…it’s okay. I like spy thrillers, I love stories about assassins, and this scratches that itch. The cast is entertaining, and there are some genuinely funny moments. But while reading I found that I was rolling my eyes every chapter or so. Mitch Rapp is some kind of superman drawn straight from the schoolboy fantasies of an unimaginative kid. The first half of the book is basically his selection process for the CIA’s programme, and within the first few pages he had beaten the old, grizzled, Company man in close quarters combat. He correctly judges every trick and challenge his instructors put before him, and the perspective promptly shifts to those instructors who, without fail, spell out exactly how impressed they are. The few skills he doesn’t know to a professional level he learns offscreen, or in a summary, and by midway through the book he is already this super assassin with an outspoken desire to kill terrorists.

That’s the other aspect of this book that makes me groan inwardly, is the completely lack of moral greyness to the characters and countries depicted. The Americans are the Good Guys, and everyone else are the Baddies. Whenever we see inside the heads of the villains, they are without fail selfish, greedy, sadistic people who hate Freedom and Apple Pie. One of Rapp’s targets (slight spoiler here) is not only a fund manager for terrorists, but also a Nazi! The villains are one dimensional straw-men.

– SH

Found this book after learning about the new film being made about Mitch Rapp which will have elements of this book and another story in the series. Narrative moves at a decent pace with some funny moments especially during the initial meeting between Rapp and Hurley. Interesting to see the perspectives of the antagonists who were not entirely one dimensional villains. The end was surprisingly abrupt but the bad guys got their punishments commensurate to the scale of their evil deeds. Looking forward to watching the movie later this year.

– R. NG.

Mitch Rapp is a preternaturally mature 23 year old, preppy sports prodigy (the finest lacrosse player of his generation!!) whose tragic history includes a girlfriend/soulmate who is killed in the Locherbie bombing. He’s burying that anger and using it as a driving force. Oh yes indeed.

Vowing revenge on “the bad guys”, he somehow (it’s never made very clear) gets the attention of the CIA and is fast tracked onto their black ops programme. Here he defeats his ornery old mentor within 30 minutes of arriving at base camp, sorts out their antiquated training regime and comes top of the class ( ahead of all the other special forces veterans in attendance). From here, he cuts his teeth in the dark arts of assassination by taking out various arms dealers and corrupt bankers before moving to third base and sorting out a cohort of ”bad guys” in Beirut.

The book is a strange amalgam of middling research (it includes a very apt description of Istanbul), woeful stereotyping (drunk Russians, greasy arabs, tiny tin can European cars) and utterly bland characterisation. Mitch Rapp has near Jack Reacher levels of invulnerability (actually that’s an insult to Reacher who at least displays some modicum of personality, particularly in the more recent publications). It’s hard to root for him though as he comes across as a humourless sociopath, hell bent on revenge. His simplified geopolitics of the Lebanese Civil war is a critique for another day.

– Weshty

How To Download American Assassin PDF Book by Vince Flynn

To get American Assassin Book download, you can just hit the green download button above this post. It should then bring you to a new page where the title of the pdf book American Assassin, author Vince Flyn, book size, and other detail of the American Assassin pdf download are found. And there’s bonus, with a single download, you should be able to get two formats of the book namely pdf and epub. Also I’d like to remind you that you will be needing either your email or Facebook account for the book download verification purposes. Don’t worry as it will not take more than a minute to verify your American Assassin PDF download. We are also planning to feature other Vince Flynn books in the future. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Vince Flynn‘s American Assassin Book today.

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