started as a book downloads website that offers free books to download specifically bestsellers. Over the years, we have attract a lot of audience wanting to read these resources. However for the past several months, we have had received copyright strikes and decided to make a bold move and make huge changes in this website. As of today, we are finally is a legitimate website that offers compiled book reviews from major book distributors like Amazon and GoodReads and gradually gaining recognition from our loyal readers and subscribers.

You can now read book reviews and personal recommendation of great reads for people of all ages. Please not that we may be pushing products from Amazon and CJ to monetize and keep this website run as we have stated in our Privacy Policy. As previously stated, we no longer distribute pirated or ill-received copies of books and other publications that we don’t have the legal right to do so. Our concern is to protect our loyal readers and subscribers and for the best interest of our website, readers, the book publishers, authors, and right owners of the books mentioned in this website.

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Drey Dylan