A Stolen Life PDF by Jaycee Lee Dugard

A Stolen Life PDF by Jaycee Lee Dugard

A Stolen Life PDF by Jaycee Lee Dugard is a book about the authors life being stolen for 18 years. Jaycee Lee Dugard’s book is one of the most powerful books on her memoirs of her years held captive. Lost her freedom and life, she struggled and was able to survive despite the long years of abuse and pain. 1991 was when she was held captive, abused and used – eventually becoming both a mother and a sister. Jaycee Lee Dugard tells about her experience the best as she can and tells the world about it.

A Stolen Life – A Memoir by Jaycee Lee Dugard can now be downloaded in our free ebook download website. This instant best seller can be downloaded totally free and comes in three formats namely mobi, pdf, and epub. A Stolen Life pdf, mobi, and epub are carefully checked for its clarity and functionality before it is released for free. If you want to know what other readers are saying about A Stolen Life – Jaycee Lee Dugard book, then check the reviews below.

Readers’ Review on A Stolen Life PDF

Wow!! Thanks to Kindle, I was able to download the book at about one in the morning, and it’s now seven in the morning. I have not read a book in one sitting, or in one night for years!

People who saw the ABC interview with Diane Sawyer saw how warm and lovely this young lady is, and her book is like the interview but a hundred times warmer and more personal.

Jaycee’s story is refreshing in that it’s written by her, and not from a co-author. Much of the book are pages and pages taken from the actual journal entries she wrote while in her backyard prison. You can tell that her journal entries read in much same way as the rest of the book, so in a sense, the entire book is a continuation of her journaling and her ongoing mission in life to help others. For example, it’s hard to tell when you’re reading from her old journal entries from her more current writings of when she’s authoring this book. It’s really all one voice, and you definitely get a feel for how her voice resonates through.

– Mark Zander

The first thing you need to know about Jaycee Dugard’s book, is it is indeed a very difficult thing to read. It is a beautifully written, pull no punches account of the 18 years she spent in captivity with a very sick man, Phillip Garrido.

In a note from the author at the beginning of the book, Dugard explains that she wrote the book to attempt to convey the overwhelming confusion she endured during her years in captivity and to begin to unravel the damage that was done to she and her family. She chronicles her experience with brutal honesty. She writes about missing her mother and worrying that she will never see her again. Her dependence upon her kidnapper grows the more he isolates her from the world. For long periods of time he was the only other human being that she saw.

– Amelia Williams

A few reviews claimed the book was repetitive, there are times that’s true but instead of thinking of that negatively and bashing Jaycee’s writing abilities, I see it as a recovering woman trying to piece together a story of 18 years of captivity. A story in which people begged and pried into her privacy just to get. This book also aided in her healing she wanted to write in her own words she explains why if you read the preface!!!!
This book was a hard read but an excellent insight on Jaycee’s perseverance, strength and her unbelievable ability to survive and overcome a horrific event. I never went into reading this book thinking it would contain superior grammar and writing style. I applaud her for sharing her story. (She also isn’t a bad writer) I recommend this book for sure!

– H. Pryor

How To Download A Stolen Life PDF

A Stolen Life PDF can be downloaded totally free in our free ebook download website. Not only that a pdf copy can be downloaded, but it also includes the epub and mobi copies of Jaycee Lee Dugard book. A Stolen Life a memoir is so moving that more and more people are wanting to download and read the book. Don’t worry, downloading the A Stolen Life book can easily be downloaded in this website. However, a short verification may be required before you can access the link.

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