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A hologram for the King Book by Dave Eggers is another book that is a sure great read. It’s New York Times top 10 best books for 2016. It tells about a salesman trying to make a huge change in his career as loans and mortgages pile up and try to recuperate from all the expenses. He tries selling his companies product to an Arabian monarch and caught in uncomfortable situations. A great read and treat for all book lovers!

Just last April, A hologram for the King movie hit the theaters where Tom Hanks starred as the protagonist. A great movie as well, but reading the book is yet even better. In our free ebook download website, A Hologram for the King pdf can be downloaded totally free in three formats namely pdf, epub, and mobi. If you want to know what other readers are saying about A Hologram for the King book, then check out the reviews below.

Readers Review on A Hologram for the King Book

In the late ‘60’s my father, who was a pilot, was approached about taking over the Saudi Arabia route, with a not inconsiderable jump in salary, plus other bonuses, paying our mortgage for the period of time we were gone, paying for whatever place we lived in there, or where my parents would have lived. My brothers and I would have been sent to various places for school, for me it would have been Switzerland, a boarding school. My father proceeded to “remind” us of the differences in the “customs,” including attire, and so on. At the mention of walking behind my father in public, my mother promptly announced she would do no such thing, and more or less stormed out of the room. Since then the idea of Saudi Arabia has intrigued me, my father still flew there often enough and I’ve seen his photographs of some beautiful places and people there, but it’s the people that seem to me, from this very American viewpoint, out of another time.

So this little book, “A Hologram for the King” was a little like visiting it for a brief time, in the quirkiest way, through the eyes and mind of Dave Egger’s Alan Clay, a wishful dreamer for a return to a way of life that has slipped out of his fingers, and even though he can see, in hindsight, his contribution to the outsourcing of America, he still clings to it the dream, can’t really believe that this is what its come to, not in this post 9/11 world.

– CS

The first half is excellent, reading like a Kafkaesque adventure into a bizarre foreign land with strange customs and inhabitants. Then our character settles in a bit and the second half is a more standard novel along the lines of personal exploration.

Many of the characters are flat but writing characters has never been Eggers’ strong suit. What is conveyed here is a mood, a sense of time and place. Specifically, an American who has found himself replaced by globalization and eventually machines. He has ventured out into the world expecting the olden days when the red carpet was rolled out because Americans were important and powerful. Instead he finds that we, as a nation, have been supplanted on the global scheme just as individuals all over the world are being supplanted by demand for cheaper labor and, eventually, no labor.

Definitely worth a read. I guess if you’ve been to Saudi Arabia you shouldn’t expect this to be a precise accounting of that nation. It isn’t meant to be. Saudi Arabia is simply meant to supply a very different (and yet in some way, not so different) kind of place. So try to set aside what might irk you about the novel and allow yourself to become immersed.

– AK Reader

In A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING, sales guy Alan Clay is in Saudi Arabia in 2010 and trying to win an IT contract for a large American corporation. Clay is 54, divorced, in debt, and worried about a growth on his neck. He is also a shallow literary construction whose plight is never real, despite Egger’s dogged effort to tie him to the very real decline in American manufacturing.

Eggers works in two ways to establish Clay’s character. First, he has Clay, or some random person Clay knows or meets, bemoan the well-known predicament of American manufacturing. While these whinges enable the reader to see where Clay stands on the effects of globalization, his position is also identical to that in a thousand op-ed articles, where writers deplore the “hollowing out” of American industry. Unfortunately, Eggers has no special insight about this quandary. As a result, Clay, when he thinks big, is just a mouthpiece and cliché. He merely expresses or represents what is well known.

– Ethan Cooper

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