A Girl’s Guide To Moving On by Debbie Macomber

A Girl's Guide to Moving On eBook

Here’s another book to whom girls would want to have. A Girl’s Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber. This book tells about two women affirming on the notion of love to fearlessly find happiness. A mother and daughter-in-law find trouble in their relationship. Having to juggle career and family, the two fought their way to freedom and happiness.

The course wasn’t really easy, there were a lot of troubles along the way but still were able find love and happiness. A Girl’s Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber is a great read for all women specially those who are caught in the sames situation. This book is popular in both iStore and Android and women are getting gaga over this book. If you want to grab a copy of this book then you are in luck! You can get A Girl’s Guide To Moving On by Debbie Macomber all for free.

Readers’ Review on A Girl’s Guide to Moving On

“A Girl’s Guide to Moving On” is a heartwarming and at times heartbreaking novel by Debbie Macomber. While this is listed as a standalone novel, and it can indeed be read as such, it is a sequel of sorts to “Last One Home”, and fans of that book will definitely want to read this to find out what is going on with Cassie, Stephen, and Amiee. Nichole is Cassie’s sister and I love her character – reeling after her husband’s infidelity, determined to not be like her mother-in-law and suffer for years, instead she builds a new life for herself. Rocco is definitely rough around the edges but I just love his relationship with Nichole. Readers will cheer for the two of them as they have their ups and downs (and no doubt some readers will hiss Jake a few times!). Leanne’s story is equally compelling as she begins a new life for herself, divorcing after many years of marriage. Her romance with Nikolai is especially well done – I just love his character!

– Drebbles

The novel unfolds as each woman seeks to reclaim her self esteem by forging a new, independent life. As their friendship deepens, they develop a guide for accomplishing this daunting task with grace. The three primary guidelines include:
1) Don’t allow yourself to wallow in your pain. Reach out. Volunteer.
2) Cultivate new friendships.
3) Let go in order to receive.

For Leanne this includes a volunteer position teaching English as a second language and helping Nicole care for her young son. Nicole seeks out a support group, volunteers to assist other women and take on a new job as a high school teacher. In the process both women meet men who are outside of their previous country club social circle, yet exemplify true caring and devotion.

– Lizz A. Belle

Leanne and Nichole are are related through marriage. Nichole was married to Leanne’s son Jake. Both Jake and his father Sean…Leanne’s ex…are rather despicable men. Womanizers, liars, cheaters…men who don’t respect their marriages or their wives. Leanne has stayed with Sean for 35 years. Nicole…cuts her losses and leaves with her young son much sooner. Both ex husbands later regret losing these women and whine and try to manipulate these women in their efforts to get them back. These two women are way too nice for these jerks.

– PattyLouisse

How To Download A Girl’s Guide To Moving On

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