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13 Hours book by Mitchell Zuchoff is an account of what really happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi Libya. The US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station was attack by a terrorist group. However it was repelled by a team of six American security operators. This is the real account of what really transpired.

There had been a lot of controversy regarding the incident at Benghazi Libya. Shrouded with mystery and now it is to be revealed by the accounts of those six brave men who fought for their lives and the liberty of their country. Mitchell Zuckoff writes the accounts of these six brave men. A book worthy to be read by any American or anyone who loves freedom and liberty from terrorism.

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Reader’s Review on 13 Hours Book

I loved the background of Benghazi’s history in the beginning and how it transitioned to the events of 2012. The fast paced, down to earth account given by the survivors made me swell with pride that there are good guys out there, willing to take on evil to protect others and what we should all hold dear. I would recommend this book to anyone who is on the fence about what happened that horrible day and hope they would see how everything they see in 1 minute sound bytes is not always the whole story.

– Margaret M. Hemmer

A riveting account of what happened during the “battle of Benghazi”. The book is hard to put down. It is the account of what happened during the attack on our diplomatic outpost and CIA annex by the heroic defenders of the compounds. The book describes what the State Department’s security team experienced during the attack. The book contains little of the political back and forth just the facts of what happened during the attack. The book reads like a great thriller novel. The story shows heroes still exist in this world of ambivalence.

– Gary Ford

I just started reading this book. As a fairly centrist citizen, I usually base my opinions off of what I hear someone says. It’s so nice to be able to read some facts from people who were actually there. If you don’t know the facts, this is a good place to learn them. It’s much easier to form an opinion when the “facts” skip the media and political biases both liberal and conservative. It’s a heartwarming story to know that there are people who care so much about us that they are willing to march into death for us.

– Ravi Narula

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